General guidelines to consider for reconnecting the service:

  • It will be a necessary requirement, not to have debt in the account.
  • Rehabilitations are always on business days and business hours.
  • There must be an adult present in the home at the time of rehabilitation.
  • The security conditions of the facility will be verified.
  • If the supply has been out of use for a period longer than one year, Camuzzi must carry out an inspection of the condition of the internal installation prior to the rehabilitation.
  • If it is necessary to make adjustments, you must hire a registered installer to carry out the corresponding work.
  • The distributor's staff will always identify themselves when they appear at the site and they do not charge any cash fee.
  • Outstanding late charges and reconnection charges will be included in your next bill.

Service shutoff for non-payment

Once you have canceled your debt, the corresponding reconnection order will be issued automatically and, within the next business day, Distributor personnel will appear at your home to reconnect the service. Remember that you can pay off your debt, using the different forms of payment available.

Service shutoff due to safety reasons

To request the reconnection of the service suspended for safety reasons, the installation must be repaired or modified by a registered installer, who will make the corresponding presentations at the Distributor. Once the repair has been carried out, you can contact us through any of the enabled channels, to present the corresponding documentation and proceed with the reconnection.

Service shut off at user’s request

To request the reconnection of the service after having requested the withdrawal of the meter, you must contact us through any of the enabled channels. Keep in mind that if you are a new owner of the service, you must have the necessary documentation to carry out the corresponding change of ownership.