When used correctly, natural gas is not dangerous at all. To use it safely it is necessary to have the installation, ventilation, flueing and gas appliances checked regularly by a registered gas installer. Furthermore, all installations and modifications must be notified to Camuzzi to check their quality and technical safety.

Some tips

  • Only registered gas installers may carry out or modify a gas installation. To identify them, you must ask them for a license issued by Camuzzi.
  • If you smell gas, do not turn any light switches on or off. Turn off electric devices, and extinguish matches, candles and cigarettes. Open windows and doors, turn off the gas at the mains and contact Camuzzi’s emergency lines immediately.
  • Do not wait for a fault to check your installation. Have your gas appliances and internal installation checked periodically with a registered gas installer.
  • Gas appliances need to expel combustion residue. Check that the vents are well designed and unobstructed.
  • Ventilation grills are an important part of the installation. Do not cover or block them and check regularly that air is circulating freely.

How to detect a gas leak

The best method for detecting leaks is applying soapy water.

Do not use:

Do use:





Brush with soapy water solution