Damage Prevention Plan (DPP)

The Damage Prevention Plan (DPP) involves providing all necessary information to contractors, governmental bodies, residential users and all those who carry out digging work, so that they can work as safely as possible.

Contact us if you are about to do any digging work:

  • Planting or removing trees, bins or posts.
  • Replacing pipes or connecting sewers.
  • Paving, storm drain and sewer work.
  • Road infrastructure work.
  • Repairs to services networks such as internet, cable, water, etc.
  • Any other type of digging.

What you need to dig safely

In the event of broken installations, displaced pipes or natural gas leaks, call the emergency numbers for Camuzzi Gas Pampeana (0810-666-0810 or 0800-666-0810) or Camuzzi Gas del Sur (0810-999-0810 or 0800-999-0810) as appropriate.