If you smell gas or there is sufficient evidence to suspect a gas leak, we request that you call only and immediately the Camuzzi emergency line, available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year: Camuzzi Gas Pampeana Emergencies: 0810-666-0810 / 0800-666-0810 Camuzzi Gas del Sur Emergencies: 0810-999-0810 / 0800-999-0810 For more information see the Emergency Manual.

At Camuzzi, we begin every day with a renewed challenge: to provide a service of excellence. Integrity runs through all our actions in pursuit of this goal, understanding that our ethical principles must be the basis of our work. Because without end to end integrity excellence is impossible.

With this in mind we created the Integrity Program, a behavior guide to forge quality and transparent relationships with our staff, shareholders, suppliers, authorities and the community in general. This includes a new Code of Ethics and Conduct, which outlines the way we must conduct ourselves, and a Good Practices Guideline for Interactions with the Private Sector, covering Camuzzi’s commitment in the fight against bribery and corruption. These guidelines are applicable not only to company staff but also to contractors, subcontractors, intermediaries, consultants and all those who provide services to the company.

To ensure compliance with these principles it is important to have cooperation, communication and trust. With this in mind we have set up a channel for anonymous and strictly confidential reporting: the Ethics Line.

Through this channel anyone inside or outside the company can report conducts that go against the Code of Ethics and Conduct, such as:

  • Fax
    +54 11 4316-5800 (Addressed to "Camuzzi Ethics Line")
  • Postal address
    Bouchard 710, Piso 6, C1106ABL (Addressed to "KPMG - Camuzzi Ethics Line")
  • Personal interviews
    Arrange by calling 0800